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Our curriculum begins with learning about, understanding and valuing the life experiences of our students. We also believe that a college preparatory education must be challenging and requires attention to the development of the whole person – his or her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development. Finally, we know that our curriculum must be engaging and relevant and so we take an experiential and thematic approach.

Our teachers work together across traditional academic disciplines in our thematic curriculum:

  • Care for the Community 9th Grade
  • Care for Self 10th Grade
  • Care for the World 11th Grade
  • Care for Earth 12th Grade

Our curriculum is based on the Academic Content Standards for the State of Ohio, the Diocesan Guidelines for Curricula, the Profile of a Catholic School Graduate and the outcomes described in Understanding University Success. It aims to develop content knowledge and habits of mind and spirit.

The habits of mind include:

  • critical, analytic, and independent thinking
  • creativity and problem solving
  • intellectual curiosity
  • willingness to accept and act on critical feedback
  • openness to growth
  • the ability to cope with challenging learning tasks and possible frustration
  • the ability to work collaboratively to create an effective community

The habits of spirit include:

  • respect for self and others
  • humility
  • hospitality
  • personal integrity
  • commitment to community
  • dedication to nonviolence
  • care for the earth
  • social justice

For grade level overviews, course offerings and graduation requirements, please contact Nancy Lynch in the Office of Admissions at 216.881.1689.